interpreting texts

literacy teachers (which means ALL teachers ūüėČ ) stand to learn a lot from Margaret Atwood (of course – who else?).

today’s example brought to you by the current issue of maclean’s and the ontario elementary language curriculum:

“After so many books, she has learned that it is useless to try to point the reader in one direction or the other — they will take away exactly what they want to. “You’re not in control of how people read a book. They’re doing their own interpertation,” she says.” from Sister Atwood’s Travelling Salvation Show Maclean’s Oct 12th 2009 page 68.

Making Inferences/Interpreting Texts
1.5 develop and explain interpretations of
increasingly complex or difficult texts
using stated and implied ideas from the
texts to support their interpretations

Reading: 1. Reading for Meaning: Making Inferences/Interpreting Texts ¬†1.5 “develop and explain interpretations of¬†increasingly complex or difficult texts¬†using stated and implied ideas from the¬†texts to support their interpretations” from the¬†Ontario Language Curriculum document (this example is Gr 7 if you’re persnickety)

consider how this does not discuss “the” interpretation but “their own” and “interpretationS” i love that freedom.


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