there’s no end to how much i LOVE this. this reflects a personal philosophy and style, as well as something i was able to learn a little more first hand from some the wonderful people i worked with last year.  i think the biggest challenge for classroom teachers is that to do this, we also have to trust ourselves.   it does not always have to be planned, and long-range planned, and substitute-teacher planned, and short-range planned and visual-agenda planned {are teachers planners by nature? it’s getting a little out of hand} and scripted ahead of time {and yes, planning is important and perhaps teaching with INTENTION moreso}.  we 100% do need to trust our students, and trust ourselves to teach them well.

go with them moment. let them show you the need. meet them and teach them where they are. listen.  HEAR THEM. we teach kids, not curriculum, right?

Trust: Two Writing Teachers blog


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