how a small visualization helps me see her as a real person

have you seen the sticky notes in my book?  have you SEEN THEM??!  i have a lot.  i have to get going here.

i have some theories about some of the endless, repetitive, mundane things that our author has published for us.  i will save that for later, but it relates to what’s below.

p.33 my first thoughts when i read the following were along the lines of “whhhooooooo CARES. blah blah blah”.

When I was finished with that, I took my book bag upstairs. Before starting my homework, I changed into a pair of dry sweats, pulled my damp hair into a pony tail, and checked my e-mail for the first time.  I had three messages.

i tend to do the skim and scan and skip ahead thing when i read passages like this.  but a re-read and a pause to stop and think made me notice that these two sentences were making an image in my mind; I was visualizing as I read them.  More interestingly, visualizing the character doing these really mundane, normal, everyday, behind the scenes things was helping me to “see” her as a real person, as a person like me, or to see her/watch her as i would a friend.  If we really buy into the first-person narration, then visualizing this helps me to take on her perspective and be part of the action – to see “myself” looping my hair through my elastic etc (which my schema also helps me to do, and connect with).  I can continue on and understand the story without doing this, but I notice that this small moment is helping to make the reader and the character more intimate with each other.  Who’s she when she’s at home? This little bit of visualization helps me know her better.


What do you think?

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