in which the vampire is switched out for morality

i really think that the books have less to do with vampires than they seem {and i understand that they sure seem to have a lot to do with vampires, yeah, got that}.  yes, in the last two books, more of the story hinges on it, so i haven’t quite worked out my thinking that i’m about to share and how it could apply to eclipse and breaking dawn yet.  i will work it out though.

because i don’t think this is “really” a story about teenage vampire love. i think the vampire bit could almost be switched out and the story could stay the same.  i think the vampire bit is really telling the story of morality, in one of the wildest contradictions {i do love a contradiction}.  the author’s point of view affects my synthesis:  i have read that she’s of a certain religious denomination.  hm, i have to go and read more about this, but i’m thinking it’s playing a part.   for example, think of all the “rules” edward places on their physical relationship because he’s a vampire and fears he could hurt her too easily since he’s preternaturally strong and she’s ‘silk over glass’.  what else would draw those same lines, if they weren’t defined by venom and bloodlust and bonecrushing strength? ahh, do you see it?  morals, modesty, temptation, “right” vs. “wrong”.  could this tension in their relationship exist without one of them being one of the cold ones? could there still be the internal struggle, the contradiction, the destiny and the question of souls?  can you see what i mean?

go further {and i have sticky notes in the book about this, but i haven’t made it out of chapter 1 yet here, so they will surface eventually} – think or re-read all or any scenes in which edward might kiss bella.  there is such a reverence for this act in how they are written, and bella’s reactions are saturated with a crazy degree of amazement that this closeness brings.  it’s a pretty rare occurance in modern stories:  one pretty innocent kiss, or even brush of cheekbones, totally unhinging a person and inciting elation and gratitude.  hm. what does this remind me of?  where else have i met this belief of reverence for expressions of love, the containers we are defined by?

now think about the story and it’s characters, a juxtapose that with the notion of “family”.  even and especially the relationships between the members of the Cullen family {and remembering that we are hit over the head with the notion that the words “relationship” and “vampire” have no cause to be uttered together, and adding “family” into the sentence almost sends it into farce} — bloodthirsty, predatory horrors of the night have bonded in love and monogomously mated for life (being centuries) and become something to which our protagonists aspire — Carlisle and Esme, Rosalie and Emmet, Alice and Jasper.  Jacob and Bella are perfectly matched as “friends”, in harmony and cosmic union (see any Team Jacob vs Team Edward commentary).  Mike ends up with Jessica, Angela and Ben are considerately nudged into their relationship {thank you Midnight Sun}, Charlie and Billy natter like an old married couple until Charlie finds his happily-ever-after with Sue, but not before showing us the most amicable, forgive-and-forget, parental split ever – even he and Renee are companionably bonded in their love and concern for their daughter, despite it all falling apart so seriously once upon a time that she practically fled to a different hemisphere with babe in arms.  the vampires that come to stand witness come in pairs and/or leave in committed pairs.  even the wives arrive from Italy. this is some pretty serious representation for “family”.

so, now we add it up – morals, modesty, fidelity, love, marriage, wedding nights, conception after marriage, rings, witness, imprinting=perfect matching=true love.  yes, it’s all about love, but it adds up to so much more than that.

and we haven’t even gotten to the “good” vampires contradiction, in which vampires are created and unable to choose their fate, do choose to overcome their “true” nature that they are “born” with in order to preserve their souls, protect human life and deny their monster qualities. it’s ringing some original sin type of bells.

this is not a fully developed thesis, clearly, and there are lots of events in the story that tell the vampire story that may or may not work with this idea of symbolism and synthesis, but like i said, i am sharing my thinking.  first thought, best thought, you know {although in the case of synthesis, i find that first thought really can take a while to come}.  and, revision can be a beautiful thing! {contradiction xo}


What do you think?

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