i’m making no promises

the plan is to leave tracks of my thinking through a text and share them here.  i think we can teach these processes, skills and strategies when we take the time to be conscious of them in our own reading, so here’s where i am a-gonna try to do just that.   i will do this through many means, some of which will be

>coding the text (through tags) and blog posting those pauses
>blog posting my margin notes, sticky notes and jot notes,
>blog posting my working ideas about (in no particular order) inferences, main idea, synthesis, evaluation, connections, questionning the text, author’s purpose, point of view
>reflecting on figurative language and other reading like a writer commentaries


One comment

  1. emilygoodie · April 8, 2010

    I’m enjoying the Reading like a Writer page Joanne. Thanks for that. Fascinating stuff that I’d never thought about (in a concrete way) before. It seems to me it would be an invaluable tool for teachers, which is, I’m guessing why it appeals to you. I really enjoy and appreciate the way that you’re combining your love of learning, reading and teaching (oh, and last but not least, the Twilight Saga, lol) into this blog. Can’t wait to see where it all goes!

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